Start Your New Zealand Adventure With Camper Van Hire in Nelson

When it comes to taking a vacation, there are many different things to consider. However, if you are on holiday to the South Island of New Zealand, one of the best ways to see the real beauty of this area is to start with choosing a camper van to hire from Nelson – which will be your starting destination. Hiring a camper van is a great way to see the best of the countryside that you cannot see on a typical holiday. Why limit yourself or your family to only seeing selected cities or towns when you can rent an RV or campervan and drive wherever you want. There are a variety of sizes to choose from; whether you are looking for a van for two or an RV big enough for the whole family there are plenty of options.

Choosing camper van hire in Nelson will allow you to see more and do more in this area which is popular for its beaches, lakes and vineyards, than you might have imagined possible. Nelson forms part of five distinct geographic areas, which include other townships like Golden Bay, Motueka, Mapua and Moutere, all of which provide a different scenic view and activity to be a part of. Providing the most sunshine hours in New Zealand and great temperatures, Nelson is a great location for those that enjoy the great outdoors.

When planning your trip remember that camper van hire in Nelson requires a little more of your time before you get on with your travels, but don’t let this put you off, just remember once you get out on the open road you are in control of your holiday, no one else. Some things you might like to consider are:

– Stay close to the pickup location for your first night if you feel that you are going to be pushed for time between flights etc.

– Allow a little extra time to your pick up time in case your flight gets delayed or there are delays with customs for instance.

– When you pick up your motor home you will get a tour of the vehicle and complete any necessary paperwork, so ensure that you ask any questions at this time.

– Allow time when you leave the depot to get groceries for your trip and to have a look around the area you are in.

Of course, there are some things to keep in mind when you rent a camper van in New Zealand. The open road speed is 100km per hour, but due to the hills, bends, and variety of driving conditions, you need to remember to drive to the conditions that arise. You might be able to travel hundreds of kilometres in other countries, but in New Zealand you will have to choose your trip wisely to accommodate for travel time. Keep in mind that this is your holiday, so you should take it easy and have a good time.

Camper van hire in Nelson can also come with suggested routes and sights to see, tips for camping, attractions, saving on petrol, and dining, as well as information about regional information depending on where you will be picking up your camper van and where you will travel with it.