Sales Training Tips for Aircraft Sales Businesses

If you are a sales manager in charge of training aircraft sales people you need to be sure of a number of items. Aircraft sales should not be a high-pressure business and if you have people coming from the auto industry to sell aircraft you might be surprised if they do not do as well as you might expect. The average aircraft buyer is much more sophisticated and in the aircraft generally sell from between $100,000 for a small single up to 10-15,000,000 dollars for a corporate jet.

Often there will be lawyers, accountants and business owners or boards of directors all involved in the sale of the aircraft and each one will have in mind a reason and a methodology for making their decision and you must satisfy all of them. If you fail to do this you will probably end up losing the sale to another aircraft sales Co.

Many people who sell high-end corporate jets realize that the easiest way to sell an aircraft is to take the people for a ride and perhaps their family perhaps to a ski resort. Or to an important business meeting. When training salesman for aircraft sales companies it is very important that they understand business and perhaps either have studied for an MBA or at least have gone through some business courses in the past to understand how it all works.

A young hotshot, smooth talking, suit and tie pretender will have little if any chance at selling an aircraft to a sophisticated buyer. Although the buyer may respect them for trying to move up in the world chances are they will also be turned off by any sales tricks. I hope you will consider all this in 2006 when setting up your aircraft sales teams.