Preseli Venture Helps Companies Take Positive Action on Mental Health

Mental health is a huge issue for companies and it has a direct impact on the bottom line, so Preseli Venture is keen to encourage clients to give their team a ‘mental health boost’ and give them time, away from the office, to think about coping with this important topic.

Nearly three in 10 employees will have a mental health problem in any year, and more than £4bn is lost annually to stress-related absences from work, according to the Mental Health Foundation.

Improving physical health may sound surprising but the Mental Health Foundation is running a year-long campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise in treating mild to moderate depression. Also, exercising for half an hour at least twice a week during midlife significantly reduces a person’s risk of dementia in later life.*

Furthermore, researchers from the University of Hull have suggested that drawing ideas from sports psychology, where participants in outdoor activities showed improved mental toughness and also less stress when exposed to demanding tasks, can help people cope with the ever-demanding pressures of working life.

Preseli Venture aims to give companies an unbeatable cocktail for great mental health – and even better business performance. Combining the recognised benefits of exercise and fresh air with the theory that being in and connecting to nature can itself provide mental health benefits is a sure winner. People find there are real mental health benefits after spending a few days in the spectacular Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, enjoying the glow of achievement and sense of well-being that can only come from sharing fun, refreshing adventure activities.