Ovulation Fertility – Increase Ovulation by Going Green

For those who desperately want to bear a child, there are lots of ways which can be used nowadays to help them achieve their dream. There are only a few, however, who are aware that there is a healthy way of increasing the ovulation fertility in the form of drinking tea. Teas have always been connected to a healthy lifestyle so it is no longer surprising that fertility herbal teas are now entering the market. This product is starting to pave its way in the clinical area not only because it improves the ovulation fertility of a woman but because it also helps in keeping hormonal balance, regular ovulation, and reproducing of necessary reproductive tissues.

There is no specific herb which is pointed to be the main cause of increasing ovulation fertility. Instead, a fertility tea is composed of many herbal combination’s which help in promoting the ovulation of a woman. The fertility enhancing elements and nutritive components of this type of tea is attributed to its polyphenols and antioxidant components. If studied in the context of reproductive health, even simple green tea is already a powerful antioxidant which can enhance ovulation fertility by repairing the oxidative damages caused by environmental toxins, poor diet, insufficient sleep, and stress.

According to one study of the American Journal of Public Health, consuming 1/2 of green tee every day can already help double the chances of conception for every ovulation cycle of a woman. Another study by the same organization has also proven that women who drink more than a half cup of green tea have more chances of getting pregnant. One of the most popular components of green tea is chasteberry. Chasteberry has been characterized in helping stimulating hormones which are involved in restoring the hormonal equilibrium and ovulation fertility of a woman.