MSCONFIG Parameters

Microsoft Process Configuration utility or MSCONFIG has been a very useful utility in just about all of Microsoft’s working systems. MSCONFIG parameters give you a ton of possibilities when making an attempt to troubleshoot your pc or detecting an mistake.

Its most important interface is made up of tabs that presents the people selections to selectively and non-permanently alter many startup parameters. Normal tab on MSCONFIG will allow you to have basic alternatives for starting your personal computer. Three placing are integrated in this variety together with the default which is the Normal Startup style, and the other two which are the Diagnostic Startup and the Selective Startup.

The Procedure.ini and Win.ini were being integrated for legacy compatibility applications and there is a incredibly very little opportunity that you will be applying them.

The Boot.ini makes it possible for you to choose from various choices on how you want to begin your computer. You may perhaps opt for to boot in SafeMode, or if you will need access to the community, you could choose to boot employing SafeMode with Networking. It is also advisable not to try out or try to use MSCONFIG to edit Boot.ini except you are directed by a Microsoft assist experienced or a technician to do so. The most precious features of the Boot.ini are defined beneath. You can choose to use any of these features for troubleshooting uses:

• /SAFEBOOT – suboptions for setting up your laptop or computer
• /SAFEBOOT with Small – your laptop will begin in SafeMode
• /SAFEBOOT with Network – your computer system begins in SafeMode with Networking support

It also features other selections this kind of as the:

• /SAFEBOOT with Community – masses a generic TCP/IP network configuration
• /SAFEBOOT with DSREPAIR – maintenance Listing Services and Area Controllers
• /SAFEBOOT with Small (ALTERNATE SHEL) – enables you to begin your pc in SafeMode with Command Prompt
• /NOGUIBOOT – this allows you to start out your computer devoid of the VGA movie driver
• /BOOTLOG – aids you debug and troubleshoot startup issues on your Windows
• /BASEVIDEO – takes advantage of a common VGA video clip driver when you startup your laptop
• /SOS – displays the driver names when loaded.

It also has an Highly developed Choices monitor which presents you far more possibilities for starting your computer system, including the next:

• /MAXMEM – if you think your laptop has a bad memory chip, you can use this switch so that the sum of memory that Home windows XP can use will be confined
• /NUMPROC – it limits the amount of processors utilized when you are in a multiprocessor method
• /PCILOCK – enables your computer to use the BIOS configuration for assigning program resources to PCI gadgets.
• /DEBUG – enables you to start your computer system in debugging manner.
• /DEBUG with /DEBUGPORT -specifies the communications port to be made use of
• /DEBUG with /BAUDRATE – species the baud price to be made use of
• /DEBUG with /CHANNEL – specifies the 1394 communications channel.

The Assistance Tab gives you the possibility to disable and permit services that loads with your laptop or computer in the course of startup. This is really handy when striving to troubleshoot provider-related problems or difficulties.

The Start out Tab on the other hand lets you to protect against objects from loading when you log in to Windows. You can simply just deselect these things so that they will not commence alongside one another with your laptop when you boot it.