KVM Extender – Rethink Your Limits to Extension

The KVM extender is a compact hardware device comprised of a transmitter and a receiver allowing the user to cost effectively make peripheral extensions. Depending on the type of extender, it enables the keyboard, monitor and mouse to be placed at a distance up to 1000ft from the host computer. Connections between the devices are secured via Cat 5 / Cat6 / UTP cables. This extender, when used with Cat5 cables proves to be versatile and much more of use as it is compatible with most operating systems and is ideal for commercial, industrial and government applications. It avoids usage of bulky cables and virtually lets you place your KVM peripherals anywhere.

Another category of extender is the VGA extender also known as a VGA booster. It is an electronic device that allows transmission of VGA video over Cat5 / Cat5e / Cat6 UTP cables to long distances without hampering the resolution. Due to the increased ROI offered by these extenders, they are extensively used in schools, restaurants, and conference rooms or other signage applications making it very cost effective. This device increases the signal strength from a VGA port thus eliminating the need for long bulky cables. However, the demand for VGA devices is slowly being replaced by HDMI which is the latest entrant in the field of video technology.

The HDMI extender (High Definition Multimedia Interface) was brought in to overcome the distance restriction of HDMI cables. It extends the HDMI video signal greater distances using inexpensive Cat5e / Cat6 UTP cables. Light in weight, the biggest advantage of this device is that it offers crisp and clear digital images at a high resolution. Supporting single-link PC resolutions up to 1920×1200 as well as HDTV resolutions up to 1080p at 60Hz, this device is generally used in airports, restaurants, call centers, military and commercial environments.

In financial institutions and other places where transactions on various points of operation need to be monitored from one location, these extension devices play a main role. The KVM extender allows flexible access and control from anywhere in the facility and hence is used here.