How to Bring a Sacred Space Into Your Home By Using Lazure Painting

When painting a room in your house there is an opportunity for you to land a sacred space in the room. In fact, anything you do lands a space of consciousness. This is why I am very particular with who works in my home as the person can leave an imprint in the room and this imprint can stay long after the person has left. Some imprints are stronger than others depending on the task. Painting walls in particular can imprint the room for a long time because the paint is wet and the energy of the person applying the paint dries into the paint. This is one of the reasons I choose lazure painting for my home and clients as the very application of lazure encourages a metaphysical consciousness.

Not all lazure painting is the same as it depends on what the lazure artist brings to the process. It depends on the amount of silence a person can carry. If you have a meditation or prayerful background then you can penetrate this into the space while you paint. When you apply the glaze to the walls in lazure, it is very different than faux painting where you take an area of a wall and paint in sections.

The application of lazure has a certain flow to it and rests on a sacred symbol. It is best done with two or more people which helps create a sacred space while applying the paint. There is a leader and a follower. In a certain way this creates a ying and yang dynamic while painting a room. The bible indicates that where there are two or more people in prayer, Christ will be there and I feel that this is noticeable when painting with this amazing method if you use this intention. Part of the idea is to get into the specific sacred rhythm of the lazure painting method. Personally I move into the sacred symbol and in a sense I become the symbol. If you are so inclined, then you too may love to learn how to lazure.

It has been my experience as a lazure artist seeing many homes transformed, that rooms feel as though they are nourishing those in the room. They not only look beautiful but genuinely feel different. Your walls can shine with a certain luminosity of beauty that can’t be achieved with any other painting method.